More info about the Event


  • Click on "Home" for more information about the event, like:
    • what is it?
    • where and when will it take place?
    • why has it been created?
    • description of the concept
    • program
    • price
    • time schedule
    • possible options
  • Go to "EVENT / ENROLMENTS", and click in the enrolment table on "More info". There you will - as the event date approchaes - find more and more detailed information


  • Two weeks before the event, you will receive an e-mail with all necessary information. This information will - as described above - also already be available online

Which one of the 3 groups is most appropriate for you?


  • If you have a standard GT-R, and you have no circuit experience yet, than this is your group!
  • Is your GT-R slightly "adapted", but you have no circuit experience; or is your GT-R still standard, but you have a little circuit experience; than this is still the right group for you
  • In the "Sporty" program, you will first get, before going on the circuit - after the security briefing - a "work shop" of 20 minutes about the basics of circuit driving (steering wheel position, seat position, driving position, driving lines, look technique, way of working, enz.)
  • After that, you will get - per day - 7 sessions on circuit, of 20 minutes each
  • These circuit sessions will be alternated with work shops of 20 minutes each. Every work shop is interactive, and is given by a professional in the domain that is the subject of the workshop
  • The work shops cover 2 domains:
    • The improvement of your "driving skills"
    • The upgrade of your GT-R to make it more "circuit ready"


  • Do you have minimal circuit experience? OK then! ;-)

Very fast

  • This group is meant for those who have a lot of circuit experience

TPL Insurance = included

  • in your participation fee, there is an insurance "TPL" (third partie liability) included

Cancel your enrolment

Is possible in case of proven force majeure

  • It's best to call Frank on + 32 476 691 091
  • Afterwardsn confirm the call by e-mail to
  • WheelTorque has final decision about whether or not accepting the cited reason for cacellation. We are 100 % human and flexible in this matter. Do not forget - as soon as possible after having knowledge of the force majeure - to contact us in order to inform us about it though.

A voucher is always minimum 2 entire seasons valid

  • In accepting your cancellation will be made a voucher , which will be valid until the end of the second season, after the expiration of the current season
  • Example: a canceled event during season X, leads to a voucher, valid until the end of year X + 2

Administration- / cancellation costs

  • The "administration / cancellation cost" can be considered as:
    • real administration cost
    • a kind of cancellation insurance which you only pay as soon as you really use it as such
  • The amount of these cost depends on the time of cancellation
Time of cancellation Administration- / cancellation cost
Till 6 weeks before the event 100 €
Tot 4 weeks before the event 200 €
Tot 3 weeks before the event 400 €
Tot 2 weeks before the event 800 €
Tot 1 weeks before the event 1200 €
Less than 1 week before the event The total amount of the booking

Questions or Suggestions?

  • Tel + 32 476 691 091 or mail (please always mention your mobile n° with country n° @ the bottom of your mail)